How Paleo With Love was born...

Ryan has over 15 years of restaurant experience as a chef and has been cooking since a very young age. Through his career he has worked with some of finest chefs on the east and west coast. Ryan has wide range of cooking styles, flavors and techniques. Someone once said that you cannot trust a skinny chef, however about 6 years ago Ryan found out he was pre diabetic, had high cholesterol and blood pressure and if he didn't change his lifestyle soon he could have a heart attack at an early age. This is the point from where he started to do research on what was healthy and what was not and taking a hard look at what was going on in the food world nutrition. Sticking to the paleo diet and choosing healthier choices Ryan’s health has turned for the better and with great results he decided to help others change their focus. In the process of making his personal dietary changes Ryan got certified as a Crossfit coach, which made him even more passionate in helping people achieve their best physical self.

Marina started out working in finance after graduating college and majoring in accounting. After a short career in the accounting field she realized that she wanted to work with people and be more creative but also bring her skills such as attention to detail, working under deadlines/pressure and great ability to work with numbers to life. After changing her career from finance to the event world and being in the corporate events for almost 4 years, Marina is ready for a new challenge of helping others any way she can in promoting a healthy lifestyle and running the operations for Paleo with Love. She is too very involved in the Crossfit community and paleo lifestyle.