How it all started...

When I was young I spent a lot of time in the kitchen. My mom and grandmother have been major influences in my culinary career to say the least. As I was old enough to reach the counter I was always involved in whatever was going on in the kitchen. Eating healthy was foreign to me and my family. 

When I turned 29 I was about 30 LBS overweight and found out that I had high cholesterol, high blood pressure and was Vitamin D deficient, I guess that’s what being a chef was about right, how can you trust a skinny chef? My doctor at the time said that I had 90 days to fix my cholesterol or he was going to put me on medication. Imagine that, medication at 29 years of age...

At that time a friend recommended I try CrossFit and I was immediately hooked…’yes I drank the kool aid! With that came the knowledge of the paleo diet, in which I cut out sugar and the processed carbs. I really struggled with the diet for a while. But after 90 days the doctor couldn’t believe my results! Not only did I lose weight, I reversed everything that was wrong with me. She wanted to know how I did it and couldn’t believe how fast it happened. Her exact words were “you should have your own infomercial!” Apparently she had so many people who came into her office on a daily basis with the same problem I had but could not get it under control.

Ok it wasn’t easy and it didn’t happen overnight. But it’s possible to make right choices and stick to them. Exercise is the easy part but you can’t out train a bad diet.

So here is my chance to change the world ! One paleo dish at a time!
I’m a professional chef and love sharing my creations and journey with the paleo world.

Chef Ryan

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